twin cities


traditional fiddle and percussive dance

coming up...

6/15/18 Project Earth with Sister Tree. 2pm

6/17/18 Music in the Parks @ Como Lakeside Pavillion with Brass Lassie, 7pm

6/20/18 Happy Hour Event at Turf Club SPS (private event) with Upset & Curl, 4pm

7/21/18 MN Scottish Fair and Hightland Games with Brass Lassie, 11am & 2pm

7/22/18 Water is Life Festival ft. Indigo Girls with Sister Tree, 3pm

8/9/18 Turf Club at SPS (private event) with Upset & Curl, 12pm

8/11/18 MN Irish Fair with Brass Lassie, 12:pm, with Upset & Curl, 2pmĀ 

8/25/18 Irish Fest Central Wisconsin, with Two Tap Trio and Joey Abarta

summer camps & classes...

August 13-17
Introduction to Irish Music, at the Center for Irish Music