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Danielle's natural propensity for connecting with children with earnest joy and enthusiasm is paired with 15+ years working in children's education in the United States and Ireland. She has studied child development; developed programs for schools, museums, non-profits, and undergraduate programs; trained and worked as a Waldorf school teacher; and worked with diverse populations and youth development programs. Danielle's expertise and love for her work, as well as her capacity to connect with folks at any age, from preschool to high school to adults, leads to multi-faceted, integrated, engaging, and meaningful learning experiences.​​​
There are currently no children's classes on offer now. 

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Preschool Creative Movement through Traditional Dance & Music

Traditional Perussive Dance
Ages 8-12

Building a sense of well-being and connection through the arts and creative play. Children will explore traditional dance and music through stories and games, develop fine and gross motor skills, balance and coordination. Stories, songs, and music will guide young dancers and develop their sense of creativity, rhythm, and coordination.
Tap dance, irish dance, and clogging. Building a sense of body awareness, learn new techniques, skills, and dances, build flexibility and strength, explore the connection between dance and music, learn about music and rhythm theory, explore rhythmical movement phrases, improvise and create based on techniques learned in class, explore the creative process and foster individual creativity. Work with peers and build confidence.