to Danielle's interview on the popular old-time music podcast with Cameron DeWitt

Judy Ann's Waltz/Reel

Video 1

A waltz and reel from the Bad Neighbors Rhythm Project with Anna Colliton and special guest, Norah Rendell. 

Video 2

Merci Pierre

The Sole Mates perform in Boston, MA.Nicholas Yenson, Kieran Jordan, Danielle Enblom

Pasacorredoiras Do Condado Set

Video 3

Danielle performs with Kevin Crawford, Colin Farrell, and John Doyle at the O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat. 

Queen of the Blackbirds

Video 4

A piece that combines modern choreography, modern Irish step dance, and an old dancing master step by STEPTUNE! With Oona Grady and James Gascoyne. 

Video 5

Reels with Altan

Danielle performas with Altan at the Cedar Cultural Center

Video 6

Bang Bang

Brenda Castles, Anna Colliton, Coiln Farrell, and Kevin Crawford join Danielle Enblom for some jigs. 

Reels with the Friel Sisters and Brian Miller

Video 7

At the Center for Irish Music's Minnesota Irish Music Weekend. 

The Sole Mates in Germany

Video 8

Danielle Enblom, Nicholas Yenson, and Kieran Jordan perform with Two Duos and The Raparees. 
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