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To celebrate St. Patrick's day I am sharing a series of tutorials to help you learn to dance to an Irish jig, and create jig rhythms with your feet! 
At the end of this month, I will share a final tutorial video answering questions and making clarifications for folx who have been watching and dancing along. 
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These tutorials are intended to introduce newbies to basic concepts in movement, rhythm, and tradition. They are also intended to deepen the practice of experienced dancers. 

New Learners Start Here

Dancing THREES to a Jig Rhythm
If you are familiar with the basic jig step, then dance through video #3, and move on to the next segment. 

A. Learning the jig rhythm

B. An Introductory Jig Step

C. Taking 'Threes' Further

A jig is in 6/8. Practice the rhythm with your voice before you try it with your feet. The words are "rashers and sausages!"
For the sake of this lesson, we will call this step "threes". Get used to this rhythm in your feet. Get to know it well!.Stop and start the video as many times as needed to get comfortable with the step at your own pace. 
Try this introductory step faster, with music, and with some variation. Remember, it's up to you to stop and start the video to give yourself the time to try the new elements!

New & Intermediate Learners...

Dancing TREBLES to a Jig Rhythm
Now, review your shuffle/treble/batter. These videos will explore the mechanics of this move and are worth a visit for dancers of all levels. 

A. Treble Mechanics

B. Trebles in Jig Rhythm

C. Some Practice! 

If you've never tried this move before, work with the instruction in this video often untel it becomes second nature. If you have, check in and make sure you're making an up and down movement that originates from your hips, rather than a front and back movement that is instigated by your knees. 
Give it a try! Remember to stop and start as needed!
Try dancing along with me now. Be playful with it and let yourself mess up! That is how you learn. But do stop the video if it feels too fast and continue to practice at your own pace if you need to. 

More coming soon... 

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